Juan Villoro

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Mexico | 2015

Juan Villoro is a Mexican writer and journalist. He studied sociology in the Metropolitan Autonomous University, Iztapalapa campus. From 1977 to 1981 he ran the Radio Educación show “El lado oscuro de la luna” (The dark side of the moon) and was then made the cultural attaché  at the Mexican Embassy in Oriental Berlin from 1981 to 18984, which belonged at that time to the German Democratic Republic.

For many years Villoro produced a steady output of articles for many Mexican periodicals in very different areas, such as sport, rock, cinema and literature. He is the author of three novels: he debuted in 1991 with El disparo de argón (The shot of argon) and wrote in 2004 the internationally renowned El testigo (The testimony) which earned him the Herald Prize.

He has also given seminars and courses in Mexican institutions such as the National Institution of Fine Arts and the National Autonomous University. And has lectured in the Universities of Madrid, Yale, Pompeu Fabra de Barcelona and Princeton. He lives between Spain and Mexico.

Report 2015

At the beginning of Memories of an Anti-Semite, Grisha speaks about the mistery of the past. Sometimes the things remembered are so fabulous that they seem to belong to the kingdom of dreams. My memories of Santa Maddalena are of that kind.