Andrés Barba

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Spain | 2016

Andrés Barba (Madrid, 1975), made his debut in 2001 with Katia’s Sister: finalist of the Herralde prize and later made into a film by Mijke de Jong). Then followed two nouvelles books: La recta intención Ha dejado de llover, and five more novels that established Barba as one of the most important Spanish writers of his generation: Ahora tocad música de baile,  Versiones de Teresa(Ballester Prize), Las manos pequeñas, Agosto, Octubre and Muerte de un caballo (Juan March Prize). He is also author of the essay book Caminar en un mundo de espejos, La ceremonia del porno (Co-written with Javier Montes, which won the Anagrama de Prize for essay writing) and La risa caníbal. He also collaborated with the painter Pablo Angulo for the books Libro de las caídas and Lista de desaparecidos. He was chosen for the prestigious Granta Magazine as one of the best young writers writing in Spanish language.

His works have been translated into 12 different languages by some of the most importante international publishing houses.

Report 2016

My time in Santa Maddalena was not only essential for the writing process but for something more difficult to find and more rare: my deep thinking of what kind of writer I want to become. The enviroment and the presence and generosity of other writers around create a unique system of forces that is almost impossible to find.

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