Jordi Punti

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Spain | 2009

Jordi Puntí was born in 1967 and lives in Barcelona (Spain). He worked for several years as a cultural supplement sub-editor for El País newspaper and now is a regular contributor to El Periódico. He writes in Catalan and has published three books of short stories: Pell d’armadillo (Armadillo Skin) (1998), which was awarded with the Serra d’Or Critics’ Award; and Animals tristos (Sad Animals) (2002) and Set dies al vaixell de l’amor (Seven Days at the Love Boat) (2005), with drawings by Mariscal. His books have been translated into Spanish, Italian, German, French, Croatian and Portuguese. He has recently finished –in Santa Maddalena– his first novel, Maletes perdudes (Lost luggage), which will be published in 2010. Some years ago, in 2006, three of the stories from Animals tristos were adapted by the Catalan director Ventura Pons to the movie Animals ferits (Wounded Animals). Strangely enough, the French director Eric Guirado is about to film another adaptation in the near future.


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