Makenzy Orcel

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Haiti | 2016

Makenzy Orcel, “a solitary poet”, according to his Canadian editor Rodney Saint-Eloi, was born in 1983 in Port-au-Prince. After completing his studies in linguistics, he left university to dedicate himself entirely to literature. He has published two collections of poetry, La Douleur de l’Étreinte in 2007 and Sans Ailleurs in 2009.

In the aftermath of the earthquake that shook Port-au-Prince with a similar destructive force as the Hiroshima bomb, Makenzy Orcel wroteLes Imortelles in order to tell the madness of living despite the horror of the moment as well as to deliver the most insolent testimony against the Apocalypse.

His most recent novel is L’ombre Animale, a novel in clair-obscur where the bodies expose, decompose and renew themselves, was awarded the Prix Littérature-monde, the Prix Louis Guillox, the Prix Ethophile and the Prix Caraibes.

Report 2016

Un séjour inoubliable
de littérature de belles profondeurs
je suis l’homme de la route
de l’au-dela de la route
ici on ailleurs on se va revoir
c’est obligé
à très vite

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