Muharem Bazdulj

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Serbia | 2018

Muharem Bazdulj, born in 1977, is one of the leading writers to emerge from the Balkans after the disintegration of Yugoslavia. His essays and short stories have appeared in twenty languages, and he is also active as a journalist and a translator. His works published in English translation include Transit Comet Eclipse (2018); The Second Book(2005), which won a leading literary prize for best book of short stories in Bosnia; and Byron and the Beauty (2016), which was selected by the Irish Times as one of the forty best books published in English in 2016. His work was featured in the anthologies Best European Fiction 2012 and The Wall in My Head. Bazdulj is also a winner of three of the most prestigious journalistic awards in Bosnia and Serbia. After fifteen years in Sarajevo, he is currently living in Belgrade.


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